Has focused on typography, type and graphic design since 2001. He graduated at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (Graphic Design and Visual Communication, MgA. 2010)
He has obtained experience and skills through collaboration with many designers and type foundries. He continues to co-operate with many of them to the present day.
He has opened his own working space in the centre of Prague together with Tomáš Brousil. His main interests for the last few years have been type design and language customisation (localisation) for various clients and type foundries all over the world, for whom he has made hundreds of customised-localised fonts.

He’s a member of the editorial board and designer of the magazine Komfort, which focuses on images, illustrations and photography, mainly from the Czech Republic.

He serving as a pedagogue at the Type Design and Typography studio of the UMPRUM Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design.

Together with Tomáš Brousil he founded Briefcase Type Foundry which distributes fonts by Czech authors.

Collaborations and referencese
Graphic designer in Designiq studio, from 2001–2004
Collaboration with Filip Blažek, font projects, since 2001
Collaboration with Suitcase Type Foundry, font projects, since 2002
Collaboration with Peter Biľak (Typotheque), font projects, since 2003
Collaboration with studio Najbrt, font and typography projects, since 2004
Collaboration with Lineto, font projects, since 2006
Collaboration with Radim Peško, font projects, since 2008
Collaboration with Alex Wiederin (Buero New York), font projects, since 2009
Type designer in Cornel Windlin studio, since 2009-2010
Collaboration with TypeTogether, font projects, since 2011