Please contact me if you are interested in workshops, lectures or consultancy.
Workshops focused on students. Students should be aware of the importance of diacritics. They should include diacritics as a common part of their designs. Workshops will give students the chance to try all principles on their own projects. They will mainly gain experience and skills from praxis. Teaching will involve using real life case studies instead of relying solely on theory.

Examples will show the key points of the project, particular solutions or can even open a discussion about the whole topic. Lectures can be organised at schools, design symposiums or design events.

Consultancy can help particular projects. It can also involve professional service for designers, font developers etc. It could include Localisation (language customisation), designing of the accents and marks, modifying of the accents etc...

For any of these activities do not hesitate to contact me
at radek (at)